Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rick J's Underwear Stories


John P. said...

yeah the almost exact same thing that happened to you in your second story happened to me except I was wearing regular Tighty whities. I had draped my jeans over the door and my phone fell out and went tumbling out. I couldn't reach it and didn't feel like putting my shirt and pants back on because I had other things to try on. Now this was one of the dressing rooms where you need a key to unlock the door and I stupidly thought I could hold the door open and reach my phone. So at this point I was holding the door open with my foot and I could almost reach my phone. Then just I was about to grab it, I tripped and fell over. The door swung shut behind me, locking me out in absolutely nothing but my tighty whities with the gray waistband. I was freaking out cuz at any second somebody could walk in and I didn't know what to do. Of course multiple people had to walk in, boys and girls all around my age, and see me, a 13 year old boy standing pathetically outside the dressing room in his tighty whities. Finally after much embaressment a guy who worked there and was about 18 came by and let me in. Of course be had to comment and say dude, tighty whities? At this point I was too humiliated to even respond. I still wear briefs of different colors though, but I'll never forget this

Anonymous said...

Yea that same thing happen to me i was in the dressing room and my wallet fell out and i went out to get it with nothing on but my white briefs and as i did the door looked and at that time a girl about my age and saw me there and she ran out lafughing her head off and so then i tryed to crall under the door but my little butt got stuck and then that same girl came back with her friends and the saw my butt sticking out there and they pulled my briefs down to expose my bare butt to anyone who walked by but finally a man who worked there helped me out lol thank god. And by the way iam 13.

jake said...

You got to be kidding me. try having to do that naked at your own birthday party in your own house with a boner and to make things way worse all of my friends were there

Logan B. said...

The computer lab tighty whities inccident. That happened to me about when I was in sixth grade and I had to go in the computer lab too but instead I got locked
in. When I figured it out putting something on wasn't that big of a deal so Ifigured I'd be there for a while. I began stripping down to my underwear and then the door opens and it's this group of these 7th graders (three girls and four guys) and they see me in my tighty whities