Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pantsed While peeing

One time, I was at one of my track and Field meets. I really had to go to the bathroom, so I went to the High School beside the track.
There was a long line to wait for so I did. There were about 15 high school kids and no other kids that did not go to this school.
It was my turn to pee so I just did. Suddenly, someone pulled my shorts down. Mediately, I had to do a difficult choice.

Choice #1: Continue peeing while pulling my pants back up and get made fun of because I would be peeing on the floor and exposing my penis.

Choice #2: Continue peeing while my pats are still down exposing my white tighty whities while beeing made fun of by high school boys.

I went with decision 2. All the guys in there toke out there phones and started taking pictures of me peeing in my tighty whities while laughing their heads off. I was so embarrassed that I got a bonner. They even laugh more. Days later, I found a lot of those pictures on Myspace. Even kids at school saw me, it was the worst year of my life.


John said...

Are you like gay or bi?

girly88 said...

what myspace? i want to see

DG or Dubby or Dave said...

question y do you wear tighty whities?

lee woo said...

Brown nosers and asskissers have been pissing off cool people since the dawn of time. At some point, they always get their comeuppance. See the link below for more info.